• Introduction
  • Electrical and Information Engineering (EIE) is one of the most active departments of Seoul National University of Science and Technology.
  • EIE offers undergraduate and graduate study programs for electrical engineers who will provide leadership for developments in numerous fields including power electronics, automatic control, robotics, semiconductors, signal processing, telecommunications, and embedded systems. For the current industry needs, EIE supplies curriculums for renewable energy, display devices, software systems, and biotechnology.
  • Society demands engineers with the capability and attitude for adapting to changing environments and communicating with peoples in diverse disciplines. EIE offers various chances for collaboration with interdisciplinary programs, field experience with industry, and seminars from industry and the community.
  • With its excellent facilities and devoted 22 faculties and 7 staffs (in 2013), the EIE department has established internationally accredited programs (AEEK), an excellent reputation in industry and the highest employment rate in over 10 years. Now EIE aims to be a major player in the development of cutting-edge technology and engineering personnel for the 21st century of Korea. We hope you like what you see.
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