• The modern industrial society is founded on technologies using electricity as energy source and the electric signal as information media. To train students who can cope with the 21st century’s key issues of energy resource limitations and massive data processing, the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering (EIE) provides courses and research opportunity in electrical instruments, power electronics, power systems, electrical equipment, electrical materials, control and measurement, computer software and hardware, robotics and automation, and circuits and systems, lighting ubiquitous and smart grid, renewable energy.
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  • On the top of academic knowledge and research skills, the rapidly changing environment demands the ability to learn advanced science and technology as well as the ability to adapt to new emerging technology. To help the student obtain the ability for acquisition of new skills and apply to new conditions, especially to actively cope with the high-tech fusion of modern industrial society of IT, BT, and NT, EIE maintains a close relationship with the industry and provide diverse opportunity to the students.